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Junior Developer looking for an opportunity in Python or JavaScript.

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After successfully obtaining my Master Degree in Biomechanical Engineering, I had an opportunity to work at the *** opened to me. Unfortunately, it closed after a long period of silence, way before entering the Lab. This type of things happened. The important is to get the positive out of it and learn from what went wrong.

I had to bounce back, quickly.

Development and programming are without a doubt amongst my favorite topics. It allows and demands great creativity and serious thinking skills. Thanks to this interest, I discovered lately the Mainframe COBOL and manage to get a position at *** as a Junior Developer. I followed a 6 weeks training program and started working right after that. I found the Mainframe environment really interesting, however, I realized that I don’t see myself having a career in Insurance and Banks, which are the two main topics were the Mainframe/COBOL is used. I am looking for something else.

Following that logic, I am currently in a very interesting position at *** as a Junior Software Developer (stack: python, flask, pytest, GitHub, slack, postman, Linux). However, I am seeking new opportunities. The main reason for that is the fact that ***. is not ready to accompany junior profiles today. I am developing myself and gaining a lot of experience, however, I can not find the support a junior needs to develop myself more efficiently while meeting with the company's demands.

I do have the thinking and the creativity to consider myself as a potential expert in the future. I managed to develop them during my different experiences. Whether it was during my school education on Java and MATLAB or during my internships digging deeper into MATLAB.
In addition to that, during my period at Decathlon, I had free time to educate myself on new technologies. Mostly, I was into Web Development on HTML/CSS/JS and Python for Data Science and Machine Learning. These experiences, even if they’re not professional, taught me a lot. I was driven by my wish to learn.

I have always worked in teams, I love it. Being in contact with other people from different backgrounds and different ways of thinking always bring the best out of each of us. That’s where the work is done, together. I am aware of that.

I am opened to opportunities as a Junior Developer. An opportunity where I can grow efficiently and meet with the company's needs. Whether it is on front or backend technologies, Python or JavaScript, I will be opened to discussion.

Best regards,


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Python Flask

1 year of experience

Working on a REST Flask API at ***.

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1 year of experience

Followed a UDEMY MOOC on Python for:
- Data Sciences and Machine Learning (,
- Flask REST API(,
- Divert small projects in order to discover many aspects of Python programming(

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Web Development Full stack

1 year of experience

Followed a UDEMY MOOC on Web Development: HTML/CSS/JavaScript(NodeJS).

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1 year of experience

Working tools on Master Education and Master 2 internship at the INIRIA Rennes.

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1 year of experience

Junior Mainframe Developer at *** working for the *** account.

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