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Compiègne, Paris (France)

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Python Django freelancer / mentor. I'd love to use my 20 years of experience to help your team/project move forward.

  • Technical assistance
    Up to 16 hours
    Up to 200 EUR per hour
  • Mentoring
    Up to 16 hours per week
    Up to 200 EUR per hour
  • Medium term freelancing
    Up to 3 days per week
    Up to 1000 EUR per day
  • Short term freelancing
    Up to 3 days per week
    Up to 1200 EUR per day
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About me

In the past I liked to call myself a "backend developer".

But in reality, it is much more than that.

20 years of experience did not only taught me all my backend - and frontend - skills, but also how to work in a team and make it evolve, how to detect problems and help find solutions.

I am available for you as an complement to your team, or to become your team, from a few hours a week to a few weeks full-time.

If your team is mainly composed of junior developers.
🠊 I am here to help them take it to the next level.

If you have a problem your team can not, or doesn't have time to resolve.
🠊 I am m here to find a technical solution and implement it.

If you want more quality but your team lacks the time or the skills.
🠊 I am m here to help, because quality is at the heart of all my work

If you have a new project, a new feature to add.
🠊 I am m here to work on it, alone or as part of a team, a team that I can also help to assemble.


You can find more about me:
- http**********
- http**********
- http**********

Some of my own projects running:
- http**********
- http**********

I worked for these companies, among others:
- **********
- **********
- **********
- **********

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13 years of experience

In my life as a developer, Python is my second language. But when I discovered it after using Perl for almost a decade, it was a revelation. I've been using it every day for 10 years and I can't imagine stopping coding in Python.

I am the author of a few open source Python libraries:

- http**********
- http**********
- http**********

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12 years of experience

Every time I have to do a web project, I wonder if this time I could use something else. And sometimes I try.
But then I remember the power of Django and how quickly I can use it to build things.

As a Django developer for 10 years, I'm starting to know what's under the hood. I also made some Django open source utilities that make my life easier - and that of others:

- http**********
- http**********
- http**********

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7 years of experience

As a freelancer I worked on many projects but more importantly in many teams. It served me to evolve and apply on the next project what I just learned. And it's not only about technical skills.

And now, with all that experience, I have a good overview of what it is to work in a developers team, and I can easily spot the problems and help to find the solutions to make the team evolves.

An external eye is also very often beneficial to see things that are invisible or - voluntarily or not - hidden.

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22 years of experience

I describe myself as a back-end developer, but in my career I've almost always had to do some front-end development.

So, even if I'm not a "front-end developer", HTML and CSS are certainly part of my skills that I know best. After Python and Django of course.

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12 years of experience

Redis is my key-value store of choice. Because it's not just your standard key-value store. Really not.

Redis is part of a lot of the projects I worked on, in addition to a RDBMS - or not -, using all of its values types.

I even wrote a Redis ORM for Python.

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10 years of experience

I'm not a database expert but when I have to chose an RDBMS, I can only think of PostgreSQL.

Open source, fast, reliable, everything I need.

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17 years of experience

i can say this for sure: Javascript is not my preferred language. But being the only one available in the browser, I had to master it early in my career. Just think about it: I made a windows 95-like (don't laugh) interface in JS back at the beginning of this millennium. If I could do this, I can certainly use Javascript to do what I want in a web page.

However, I'm not mastering all the actual build stacks that change every days.

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20 years of experience

I started to get my hands dirty when I wanted to launch a web hosting platform back in 2000. It was not an easy task at the time because no google, no stack overflow... So I learned all by trial and errors.

So today I have no problem to spin a new server and configure it to host a project, even if I'm really not a sys-admin.

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7 years of experience

Ansible is my tool of choice when I have to deploy my work on servers.

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9 years of experience

When I discovered the web in the late 90s, it was the main option for making dynamic web pages. I first used it for personal projects, but it became my main language used at work for years, until I discovered Python.
I still have a Perl forum platform, which has been running since 2001.

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