Finally a respectful hiring platform for developers


  • if you only want to receive relevant job proposals
  • if you want your privacy to be respected


  • if you want you and your proposals to be taken seriously
  • if you want to gain trust and not just be a small piece in a giant network

You have come to the right place

At Respect-Hire, we believe that things must change:

  • Requests with laconic messages must be a thing of the past
  • Privacy and transparency should be the foundation

It's a matter of respect.


  • Developer profiles are anonymous by default
  • Recruiters must have a proposal that matches the profile of the developers they contact
  • Recruiters' requests are validated by our team
  • Discussing does not imply trust. It must be deserved and will be granted, or withdrawn, deliberately by the developers
  • It is only when a recruiter is trusted that they can see the complete profile and send messages without validation

Our values

The respect we give you is at least as important as the respect we want to see between developers and recruiters:

  • we don't - and won’t - use trackers
  • we don't - and won’t - display ads
  • we don't - and won’t - sell your information
  • we don’t - and won’t - have ways for recruiters to bypass moderation (by paying more, for example)
  • we don’t - and won’t - take a share of the deals you can make with people you meet on our platform



  • anonymous profile
    with skills, remote preferences, availability, location, languages, kinds of work (mentoring, freelancing...)
  • moderated requests from recruiters
    with a mandatory form to tell you what they are interested in in your profile
  • exact matching
    no fuzzy search: stop receiving messages about Java when you are a Javascript developer
  • choose on what skills to be found
    yes you did some Perl in the past and want to let recruiters know, but you may don't want that to be the reason they contact you
  • easily hide yourself
    in a single click, mark yourself as unavailable so no one can contact you, or disappear from search results
  • you decide who you trust
    trust can be given and revoked to a recruiter at any time, and only trusted recruiters can see your full profile and talk to you without being moderated


  • validated developer profiles
    you'll see only serious developers
  • all the information you need
    are visible before contacting a developer (kinds of work (mentoring, freelancing...), skills, remote preferences, availability, location, languages...)
  • saved searches and alerts
    don't miss the newcomers: save a search and be alerted when a new profile matches
  • private notes
    to let the future you know why you contacted someone


We are only at the beginning of this journey in which we strongly believe.

To start spreading respect in this environment, we’ll keep the site free for the moment. We are currently exploring ways to finance moderation, in line with our values.

We hope that one day respect will be the basis and that this moderation will no longer be necessary.

It's up to you!

Want to be part of this adventure and help change the relationship between developers and recruiters? Sign-up and join now